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Basic Steps of Solar Panel Installation - 3 Important Steps
8 months ago


vFor any DIY Home Making plans, you will need a complete set of information about the products, tools and their working procedure before start up. You can choose one of many types of solar PV kit for your home made solar power system which are available in the market today. Before starting your project of solar panel installation, you must evaluate the total budget of your solar panel installation. Also decide the purpose of your solar energy system. If it is a residential solar energy system, then you may go for a low budget kit for your residential solar power system while if you want to set up a big solar energy system then it will be better to get guidance from a professional.


There are three solar panel installation processes, i.e., crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon or thin film. Any of these three may be used according to your needs but before selecting one for your home, i.e., residential solar energy system, you must consider all three and select the one which suits your needs and budget. In this solar panel installation guide, i.e., solar contractor guide, it will explain the process comprehensively.


First, there is the preliminary survey of the whole roof space to determine the position and slope of the mounting structure i.e., slab, gutter, pitch, level, roof trusses, etc. Next is the preparation of the mounting structure for the solar panels. This is done after making the preliminary survey. The materials needed are tar paper, gravel, plywood, cement, roofing felt, roof insulation, roof shingles, silicone caulk, roof venting, etc. Another important thing for the solar panel installation is the provision for electricity connection to the house, solar panels give you optionsThis must be done before you install the solar panels. 


Then, a detailed inspection of the house, including the attic, crawl space and basement is done. All the components should be well mounted and all the defective ones must be replaced. After the inspection, the condition of the house is once more checked using a power meter. The power meter helps in knowing the amount of solar energy power that enters the house and the overall system efficiency. The solar panel installation process is not complete unless the power meter is properly attached to the electrical system. Once the electrical panel is properly attached to the roof, it is now time to make sure whether the roof is level.


The next step in solar panel installation is to mount the panels on the roof. Before mounting, it is essential to check whether the slates are correctly aligned and level. If they are not properly aligned, then you have to make an adjustment by driving screws or nails in them. Similarly, if they are level, you have to drive a string across the top. It is important to keep this string away from the surface of the house as it may get damaged during the next step.


The third and final step is to verify whether all the required mounts are installed properly. All the required mounting rails must be properly attached to the structure. It is essential to secure them tightly so that there is no possibility of them coming off during the next step of the solar panel installation process. At this stage, you can now remove the old roof and install the new one. After the installation is complete, you must ensure that the power connection is correct and the cables are properly connected to the mounts.   Go to this link https://blueravensolar.com/south-carolina/columbia/ to get more info.


Learn more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_panel

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