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Solar Panel Installation Guide
8 months ago


Solar panels are a good source of alternative energy. There is no need to rely on electricity from electric companies. The cost of purchasing and maintaining an electrical grid have become an expensive proposition. You could also build your own solar panel system if you have the required tools and expertise. In this article I will provide information regarding solar panel installation.


To begin with, you have to buy solar photovoltaic panels from various online and offline vendors. You could also order them from reputed solar energy companies like Blue Raven Solar. Solar panels are usually installed on roofs, stand alone buildings, or stands-alone units. It is essential to install your solar panel in such a location that gets the maximum exposure to direct sunlight.


You must have heard about the various types of mounts available for mounting the solar panels. Some solar panel systems come with their own solar panels, mounting structures. These solar energy mounts are commonly made out of aluminium sheets or steel tubing. These kinds of mounts are good, if you are not working on a huge scale.


Solar panel installation is considered to be a long, drawn out process. If you want to cut down on the time required for the entire process, you need to make sure that you equip yourself with the proper know how and equipment. The first and foremost equipment you need is an inverter. An inverter alters the DC current into AC current which can be used directly by the solar energy cells. You could either buy the entire system from an energy company or rent out the necessary components. Many homeowners prefer to build their own photovoltaic energy system from scratch.


Once you have bought the solar panel system and the inverter, the next step would be the panel installation guide. The installation guide will be very helpful in guiding you through the entire process. It will contain instructions to mount the panels on the roof as well as step by step instruction for the panel installation process. The installation guide will also include a list of all the components that you will require for the process. You may opt to buy all the components individually or may choose to assemble them together.


The parts required for making the panels include the photovoltaic cells, the framework for the panels, the screws and any electrical wiring. Other essential components that you need to buy for your photovoltaic system include the silicone sealant, silicon sheets and a variety of nuts and bolts. In order to avoid any confusion, you can buy electrical wiring that matches with the panels. The electrician will also carry a tool box with wires and cables that he will use in mounting the photovoltaic panels. This tool box comes in handy if you intend to replace the panels after some time. It will also allow you to carry out repairs to the electrical wiring and if required you can dismantle the entire solar panel installation. Find out about the lucrative tax incentives!


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